Kate Hudson And Her Exercise Clothing Line-Fabletics

Who would know more about working out, the best clothes to wear and still looks great better than Kate Hudson? She is just the cutest, most beautiful and in shape actress in Hollywood and in a recent interview with Elle Magazine, she talked about her new line of exercise clothing. In this interview at Marie Claire, Hudson says the clothing line has now expanded to swim suits, fun summer clothes, and cute, comfortable exercise clothes and hoodies. You would have to live in Antarctica to have not seen all the commercials for her line of exercise clothes-Fabletics. They are the most colorful, bright, and beautiful sports bras, shorts, and bottom-lifting leggings you’ve ever seen and they all sell for less than $100.00. What is even better is she says they are not meant for just working out, they are good, quality clothes that can also be worn out anywhere you want to go. She also has a website of Fabletics that offers her customers all kinds of ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle, great recipes for great, healthy food, and all kinds of fitness information. Her hope is to encourage people to live healthier and be more fit.

The way her Fabletics website works: first you register on the website, then you take a style test so they can recommend which pieces would work best just for you and your way of life. Then you go shopping and pick out what you want. Right now Fabletics is running a special that gives you your first outfit for only $25 and free shipping! They offer clothes for men as well as women, and their sizes run from XXS up to XXL, with solid colors, prints, dark colors and light colors. Fabletics have capris, shirts with hoods, open backs to see the colorful sports bras, athletic shorts, they have so many different prints, tank tops including tanks that are gathered in the back at the top of the shirt. There are just so many different things to choose from and if you can’t find outfits you like then you just aren’t trying. There are great looking shirts for men that are long or short sleeved, collars or no collars, shorts, short sets in solid colors and prints, long sweats in solid colors or prints. Some of their tees are made with mesh and made to control heat and even sunscreen in the shorts to protect their legs from getting sunburned. They also ship to lots of other countries other than the U.S.

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