Keep party planning simple with these easy to follow tips

Throwing a festive party can be a lot of fun, especially for the ones you love. Keep it easy with these awesome tips from a profession in the field. Starting it off is to get organized. That is the first, most important thing to do. Whip out that pad of paper and start jotting down what you’ll need as far as supplies, where are you going to throw this party, and who’s coming. Speaking of a guest list, start sending out invites as soon as you can. Guests will have plenty of time responding, thus making your job easier. Keep all food and decor easy and simple. Instead of a four course meal, make or buy a bunch of simple appetizers. Pigs in a blanket, salad, cheese and meat platters with dip are so easy to make and can also be purchased at the store. This way you’re not slaving away in the kitchen and instead are enjoying your guests. If you want to include a theme, then it makes making party decor easier. Themes are also a lot of fun and interactive for guests to participate in. A kid’s table is a great way to keep the young ones entertained while their parents take a break from parental duties. You can set up a kid friendly movie, crayons, paper, and some building blocks to keep them occupied. This is optional, but if you are serving alcohol, consider offering a self-serve bar. You don’t have to be the bartender for the night and can relax (which is very important as the host/hostess), plus guests can sip on their drink of choice, not what’s just given to them. Last thing to remember, don’t forget party favors. You will send guests feeling appreciated and ready to attend your next event.


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