Krishen Iyer and Marketing

Brand awareness has long been a high priority of the marketing world. In fact, it is probably not an exaggeration to say it is a higher priority than anything else. While the advancement of digital technology has become a higher and higher priority for marketers, it has never superseded the need for brand recognition and probably never will. All companies continue to promote their brands in a massive array of ways. However, today the biggest hurdle they face in this area is the ever-increasing array of competitors screaming for attention. Many marketers are now embracing analog sources for doing brand recognition.


Krishen Iyer, founder and leader of Managed Benefits Services in Carlsbad, leads his company to provide lead generation and consulting services for the dental and health insurance industries. Krishen Iyer also provides his client companies with marketing advice. Carlsbad frequently advises them to do some serious research about what marketing venues work best for them and to concentrate on that. Krishen Iyer has found somewhere in the digital realm works as the best form of marketing. Today just about everyone and everything is connected to the internet.


However, Krishen Iyer does admit there are problems with this. Many customers are growing not to trust online marketers for various reason that include some kind of underhanded manipulation. Sometimes it’s not exactly underhanded, but these marketers do obligate you to something like a mandatory upgrade. There are also concerns about privacy and security. And this in turn is or should be a concern of marketers because at the center of this issue is what the customer likes.