This Annual Event is your opportunity to learn about all things aviation.  The afternoon features a myriad of fun and exciting things to experience, all brought to you by actual professionals in the aviation industry–the best St. Louis has to offer!  This event is FREE ad open to anyone of any age who’s ever looked up in the sky and said, “I could be up there!”.

The program features speakers discussing the many interesting aviation careers: Airlines, Corporate Aviation and the Military; Aviation Maintenance Technicians, Flight Attendants, Air Traffic Controllers, etc.

And of course there will be plenty of hands-on activities for young and not-so-young, such as radio controlled aircraft, engine mockups, flight simulators, air traffic control simulators and exciting aviation videos.

Flight instructors and aviation professionals from area flight schools and organizations will be on hand to answer questions, give simulator flight lessons and enlighten would-be aviators of all ages on how to earn their wings and be a part of the “uplifting” world of aviation!

Throughout the afternoon, attendance prizes of free introductory flight lessons and other aviation-related items will be awarded. Schools, scouting groups and other organizations are welcome and highly encouraged to attend.

For more information about this FREE, public event, go to our CONTACT US page or contact Craig O’Mara:

This event is sponsored by
The Greater St. Louis Flight Instructor Association
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