Malcolm Casselle and the Future of Virtual Assets

The future of cryptocurrency is being led by e-sports. Combining blockchain with the gaming industry has ignited an increase in micro-payment systems. The creators of OPSkins, a global centralized marketplace leader for in-game virtual assets has also become the number one cross-border bitcoin merchant in the world.

While OPSkins leads the centralized marketplace for virtual assets, they understand the limits to the system. As a result, Malcolm Casselle, CIO of OPSkins has launched a new marketplace known as WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange. The WAX blockchain enabled widget allows users to buy and sell virtual assets with one another instantly and without disruption to their current game.

By means of smart contracts, the WAX platform will cut down on fraud and ensure that virtual goods are delivered without costly third-party intervention. The platform will also solve fragmentation issues through the use of WAX tokens. The tokens eliminate the FOREX problem by becoming a utility token, allowing users to buy and sell using different cryptocurrencies without a middleman.

Malcolm Casselle who currently serves as President of WAX is “confident the WAX platform will ignite the world of cryptocurrency.” WAX is intuned with the 400+ million online players who collect, buy, and sell digital assets. His experience building teams, products, and raising capital is a key asset for the WAX platform.

Previously Mr. Casselle has led startups in the digital industry. He is one of four co-founders of PCCW, propelling the company from startup to a $38 billion market cap in 18 months. His work experience includes rapid growth at MediaPass, a leading digital subscription solution company. He also managed Groupon’s joint venture relationship with Tencent for the Eastern China region.

As an active investor, he funds blockchain verticals and digital ventures. He mentors with Plug and Play Bitcoin and serves as an advisor at Sensay, DirecTech Labs, Bringhub, and Votocast. Mr. Casselle has degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Stanford University. He speaks two foreign languages including Mandarin and Japanese.