The Accomplishments of Stephen Murray, Former CCMP Capital CEO

CCMP Capital experienced a great loss when the company spoke it’s farewells to Stephen Murray, former CCMP Capital CEO. As CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray accomplished to create this booming company, which has served to leverage buyouts and create equity growth. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

After leaving CCMP Capital due to health reasons, Stephen Murray unfortunately passed away at the age of 52. Stephen Murray not only achieved great feats in his professional life, but he also was the head of his family of his wife and his sons. Stephen Murray is also honored for his philanthropic contributions to organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York, Boston College, and the Stamford Museum.

CCMP Capital was founded by Stephen Murray in 2006. A break-off from JP Morgan Chase, CCMP Capital has proven its success by achieving exponential growth to the tune of approximately $12 billion since it’s humble beginnings.

Due to Stephen Murray’s dedication and hard work, CCMP Capital boasts today with worldwide offices and gives security to over 50 employees. CCMP Capital’s specialization in equity and leverage buy-out has created the company to manage a world-renowned portfolio to this day. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen Murray’s philanthropic contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation have not gone unnoticed. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is commonly known to society as the realization of childhood dreams to children who may not get to live these dreams out on their own.

Contributors like Stephen Murray are the reason that this foundation is able to make these dreams come true for children who may never have an opportunity to achieve their goals like great men of Stephen Murray’s caliber may have been able to.

Of course, the greatest service Stephen Murray offered to the world was to be a loving husband husband and father to his wife and sons. Stephen Murray’s life was not lived in vain.

His dedication and perseverance have proven to be the foundation that has paved the way for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, inspirational philanthropy, and the creation of a family. Stephen Murray may be missed by many, but his life has made an ever-impressive place in the world.

Fabletics Presents Their Athleisure Line For The Active Girl On The Go

Fabletics, co-founded by Kate Hudson has really taken the world by storm. Fabletics is an athletic clothing line that promises a commitment to style and quality athletic wear at an affordable price. The company began in 2013 and in just two years it has spread to at least 8 different countries and has developed a men’s line and expanded to included physical store locations. Fabletics has taken its dedication to affordability one step further and included a VIP club which affords its members a discount up to 50% off of items, other monthly specials and savings, and a loyalty program but VIP members can always opt to skip the month or cancel anytime.

The 3-minute video posted on their YouTube channel shows an athletic clothing company that is opening up to many different areas of clothing and accessories. First and foremost, Fabletics started as a women’s athletic line and opened up a Men’s athletic line (FL2) which has all the fashionable high performance wear that a man may need at more than half off of what other competitive athletic companies charge. Fabletics also offers sports bras and swim wear that is stylish, comfortable, and supportive. Now that Fabletics is coming up on its three year anniversary, they are introducing a brand new product that combines athletic wear and leisure wear, Athleisure, and this line now includes dresses.

Athleisure is the newest thing to hit the market of daily athletic wear thanks to Fabletics. Kate Hudson introduced Fabletics new Athleisure dress line in April and it is everything your little black dress is not. In her article with Marie Claire Magazine, Kate Hudson discusses what makes Athleisure so special, which is the wearability of course. This new line from their detailed account of their experience at My Subscription Addiction is designed for women to be active and stylish; Fabletics is “taking the active girl, taking her out on the town, and keeping her casual”! Specifically with this new dress line, the goal is to be comfortable and be able to move, unlike some of the more restrictive little black dresses women are used to, but the idea is that the dress does all the same things your favorite yoga pants or leggings do which is lift and suck everything into the right places and make your assets look great without any uncomfortable shape wear. The best part is that Fabletics is making this level of style and comfort affordable to the average woman. So, if you’re looking to step up your wardrobe look no farther than Fabletics. (

The Founder and CEO of Davos Financial

David Osio creator and Chief Executive Officer of Davos Real Estate Group, along with his Executive Directors Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili announced their new mobile app labeled “Davos CAP Calculator” to their acclaimed client base in an authoritative declaration. The innovative client app targets to estimate the achieved assets on real estate which captivates the client’s involvement.

Davos Real Estate Group is an autonomous firm that constructed Davos Financial Group, a worldwide fiscal company which is also the principal leader in the Latin American market for over 20 years in proposing inclusive monetary consultation and guidance.

Their business strategy concentrates on devising an investment blueprint that exceeds the prospects and demands of every client,encompassing prime commodities within the administrative foundation which requires unsurpassed expertise of a specific adept team for every service rendered.

The mobile app has evolved based on the state of the art technology and is currently available for both the iPhone and Android cellphones. This is just the conception of forthcoming sequences that will be compatible with all existing apps which will consist of the capacity to recognize properties through the mobile phone and transmit factual records to your Davos Financial Group broker through an synergistic dialogue.

This innovation will permit investors to obtain a vivid financial concept and prospect when contemplating acquiring property.

David Osio is a graduate from the Catholic University Andres Bello which happens to be the major university in Latin America with emphasized studies in international banking at the institute Estudios Superiores de Administracion IESA, accordingly.

He commenced his chosen path in 1981 as President and CEO of OPED Enterprises which held him accountable for coffee export issues and afterwards, he was in an executive capacity in LETCO Commercial Company where he was responsible for building marketing strategies for industrial commodities in the U.S. climbing the corporate ladder to a successful status.

In 1984 he linked with the MGO Law Firm in Caracas,Venezuela which was his stepping stone acquiring proficiency in banking law. He was at the helm navigating corporate clients Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank.

In 1993, David Osio made up his mind to go solo and founded Davos Financial Group which is the primary business in Venezuela, committed to offering financial counsel to a selective clientele.

He implemented an aggressive management approach that has permitted him not only to elevate the scope of profits but also broaden the business aspects.

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I am very excited to announce that ClassDojo has set in motion a new tool, Student Stories. This very fundamental tool allows students to add additional pictures and videos to their portfolios and share them with their parents. Students will definitely be able to include their parents and bring them along for the ride of their learning adventures. This is an awesome way to develop a less intricate connection between students and parents while developing an understanding to different assignments. The device allows students as well as teachers to add different materials to their creations without having to remember any difficult username or passwords. There is a QR code put in place which allows the students to scan the code and pick up where they left off. However, teachers has to confirm any added material before it is sent out for viewing by parents. Student Stories is a very brilliant idea that opens doors for many students who may have not been able to voice their opinion or exactly what they were trying to say verbally. It also gives parents an opportunity to have front row seats to the hard work and creativity that their children are putting forth on a daily basis. I am sure that this is a great start for an outstanding communication platform between teachers, students, and parents. With the creation of Student Stories, it will allow many students to be able to come together and have fun working as a team. A positive culture within the classrooms is definitely something that is needed in each and every school. Every parent want their child/children to go to school and feel comfortable so that learning can feel as natural to them as possible. ClassDojo has certainly made room for a ground up change within the school systems to develop better communication skills, better student-teacher relationships, as well as student-parent relationships.

Although ClassDojo may be viewed as a simple creation, I think that it will have a very high success rate. The main goal of ClassDojo is to offer parents an open door to their student’s behavior in the classroom. By students being knowledgeable of the fact that their parents will be notified of their behavior, I think that it will cause less behavioral problems from students.

ClassDojo has the potential to create stress free classrooms where teachers can continuously teach versus having to stop and discipline a child from time to time. Students will be more engaged with doing the best of their ability to make their parents and teachers proud.


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Appraising the Role Played By The Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah is a school of thought and esoteric method whose origin is traced to Judaism. Those who subscribe to this school of thought and follow its teachings are referred to as Kabbalists, or Mekubbal in Hebrew. Kabbalah’s interpretation depends on the tradition and aims of its followers. In as much as its religious origin is Judaism, Kabbalah currently has Christian and New Age adaptations.

This school of thought is based on the need to explain how man is related to the world that he lives in. Kabbalah is thought to have crossed the threshold into non-Jewish culture and religion after its teachings were studies and interpreted by Christians Hebraists. This explains why the traditions of Christian Kabbalah and those of Jewish Kabbalah vary. Its popularity in recent years is attributed to organizations such as The Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Center and Its Teachings

This is a non-profit spiritual organization, which provides insightful teachings about the Zohar and other Kabbalistic teachings. These lessons are offered online and at regional study groups and city based centers worldwide. The center has highly trained multi-ethnic teachers, who offer guidance and training to its global student community.

The center’s origin can be traced to 1965, when it was conceived as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The founder members were Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. The center was initially based in Israel but was moved to the United States by Berg and his wife, Karen following Brandwein’s death. The Kabbalah Centre is currently based in Los Angeles. Karen and her sons, Michael and Yehuda are the organization’s spiritual leaders and directors.

The Kabbalah Centre uses a unique approach to offer its teachings. It teaches students practical methods, which negates the need to have prior knowledge and understanding of Jewish and Hebrew texts. The teachings offered stress the fact that all religious beliefs are specific outgrowths of a universal body of wisdom. Students should primarily focus on how they relate with God’s spirit, instead of God himself. This is because he is beyond human understanding. Teachings offered by the center similarly point out that the human senses only provides access to 1% of reality. Find more information for the Kabbalah Centre here.

Whistleblowers Can Find A Safe Haven With Lubatan Sucharow

Since the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, more and more whistleblowers are feeling less pressure about reporting securities violations to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Although the act is one of the most sweeping financial regulation reforms since the Great Depression, violations still occur.

The Labaton Sucharow Law Firm is one of the first to establish a practice exclusively to help individuals seeking to report possible violations. The firm serves as an advocate for whistleblowers. The highly-trained team of professionals consists of investigators, forensics, accountants and financial analysts who possess the experience and knowledge to protect clients at all cost.

The crack team of litigators is headed by former SEC Chief Litigation Counsel Thomas A. Jordan. He played an instrumental role in creating the program and implementing the rules and regulations. Jordan’s leadership has been unparalleled in offering guidance to clients who felt they had limited options.

In accordance with the Whistleblower Act, individuals who provide information are paid anywhere from 10-30% of financial sanctions that are collected by the SEC based on successful prosecutions. Under the stipulations, the fines must exceed $1 million. Whistleblowers may also be entitled to additional payments by other law enforcement entities under the same rules and regulations.

Retaliation is another factor that discourages individuals from reporting. Under the Dodd-Frank Act. Employers are prohibited from harassing or engaging in any type of retaliation against employees who come forth with information. In the event that an employer fails to abide by the rules and regulations, they can be subject additional fines and sanctions.

Whistleblowers should also know that they are entitled to make anonymous reports if accompanied with by an attorney.

To learn more about the whistleblower program, individuals are encouraged to go to the Lubatan Sucharow law firm website to find out more information. The Whistleblower Representation Team will listen to you and offer free and confidential case evaluations. Individuals are strongly urged but not required to provide names and personal information regarding violators.

The Labatan Sucharow website also features a webinar series “Whistleblowing in the Corporate World,” to offer insight and preparation to individuals who are considering reporting violations to the SEC.

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Getting to Know White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that provides marketing solutions for businesses online. Its reputation for providing exceptional customer experience and creating budget friendly Search Marketing campaigns has led to it being listed among the digital agencies that are growing rapidly in North America.

A lot of customers have benefited from White Shark Media’s array of property marketing tools and use of their online marketing tactics. Other than providing market solutions, the company also tracks the clients marketing efforts.

It does this through the use of Google Analytics integration, Proprietary reporting software, keyword-level tracking and competitive intelligence. They toil to ensure that they are accountable to their clients every month. Their efforts have enabled them to be a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner.

Due to their commitment to their clients, White Shark Media has received a lot of positive reviews online. The most frequent review is the clients’ amazement at the growth in sales they have had since taking up the services of the company.

Other customers also complement the company for their excellent customer service. The reviews term the customer agents of White Shark Media as easy to work with and efficient. Many have also found the company to be very supportive no matter the budget. They are neither neglectful nor pushy but rather strive to see what you develop grow. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Like any other business, White Shark Media Review team also receives complaints. It is how they deal with them that sets them apart from other firms. They have people who are available on call to assist anyone who has a problem.

They also take their time to publish articles that show the most common complaints that they receive and explain in detail what they have done to address the issues. White Shark Media is also active in social media; anyone can reach them on the various social media sites.

The goal of White Shark Media is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises to exceed their limits through its creative search engine marketing strategies. They deliver affordable marketing solutions at a flat fee that come with administrative access to your Google AdWords account, transparency and no contracts.

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White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

Switch To FreedomPop For Lower Prices And Great Call Quality

Why do some people feel the need to pay such high prices for cell phone service, even though other comparable cell phone companies have the same services for lower prices? Many feel the need to go with a name brand when they want to purchase products or services, so some don’t mind paying the extra money because they feel they are with a better company. Even though FreedomPop is becoming a brand name company, many still don’t know how great their services are or how low their prices are. Those who are strong-willed and want to stay with their current service provider should give FreedomPop a chance.

Sprint is the carrier that FreedomPop is under, so anyone who wishes to pay a lower rate for unlimited services can still enjoy the reliability of Sprint underneath the FreedomPop name. FreedomPop will also offer those who want to join them a free phone service if they don’t want to pay for the unlimited service. The free phone service will include talk time, text messages, and data usage as well. The same services can be obtained by purchasing the $20 unlimited plan, but those on the $20 plan won’t have to worry about limited usage as with the free plan.

FreedomPop’s call coverage is over a wide area across the USA, and text messages can be used abundantly. Many worry about their data usage if they make the switch, but know that FreedomPop has 4G LTE speeds that can’t be beaten and can be used for any data that is needed on a cell phone. FreedomPop also allows very popular phones to be used on their network, whereas some networks only allow older phones that don’t even use apps. Since many have switched to smartphones, they’ll be happy to know that smartphones are welcome on the FreedomPop network.

Signing up for FreedomPop can be done by going to their website or by going to one of the many retailers that sell FreedomPop products and services. Those who want cell phones can purchase it directly from FreedomPop if they don’t already have a phone to transfer over to the service. Anyone who has a phone that is open for the FreedomPop services can simply switch carriers and still use the same phone. Now that all the information has been given about FreedomPop, maybe those who were previously uninformed about the company should consider switching cell phone service providers.

Check out this FreedomPop review

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Bernardo Chua Creates Healthy Alternatives for Everyone

OrganoGold is a growing retailer of elegant coffees and teas made with the Ganoderma Lucidium herb. Bernardo Chua, founder and CEO of OrganoGold, is credited with much of the growth and development the company has seen.

OrganoGold creates beverages, soaps, toothpaste and vitamins scientifically combined with Ganoderma so they improve mood. Their beverages are a healthy coffee alternative with few of the drawbacks of caffeinated drinks. The company is open in 13 different companies and over 100,000 distributors worldwide.

The large distribution network is part of what makes OrganoGold so accessible and affordable to its many fans. Those who love the products can actually get support to begin direct-selling them as well on a commission basis. The company offers three starter kits for entrepreneurs to ensure they have everything needed for success and a variety of ways to earn daily, weekly or monthly bonuses.

The company is overseen by a scientific advisory board, comprised of subject matter experts, to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and effectiveness are adhered to.

Bernardo Chua founded OrganoGold in 2008, according to LinkedIn, and by 2010 it had already earned a revenue of over $30 million. Initial projections anticipated distribution members and revenues in the millions as early as 2015. Indeed, in the years since its founding, the company has seen exponential growth in network and revenue.  That also saw Bernardo winning several awards.

With OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua has sought to bring the amazing power of Ganoderma to a widespread audience. With a compensation plan that turns customers into entrepreneurs, Chua is well on his way to achieving his goals.

Your hair will thank you for Wen By Chaz

Your hair will thank you—like mine did!! Wen Cleansing Conditioner is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. There are many choices by Wen for hair of all types depending on which one you use. There are very specific directions for usage and for the amount of product dispensed for different hair types. As noted in Bustle, after an experiment in usage for seven days, fine hair was smoother, shinier and easier to style!!

On the first day,after dispensing the correct amount of Wen By Chaz [] for my fine and medium length hair, I found that it lathered up and really felt like it was cleansing my hair. When I rinsed it out my hair felt clean and full and after drying it and styling it my hair was so bouncy and shiny and no hair fell out in the shower or in my brush. On day two and day three my hair was getting used to the product but I was really liked how my hair looked and was anxious to see how the product would hold up the rest of the week. On day four my hair was a bit flat but by day five I was figuring out that a morning routine of showering and styling was much more effective than showering and using the product in an evening shower. Though I preferred showering at night my hair looked best when showering in the morning. My hair looked so good with Wen By Chaz that my friends noticed and complimented me on how shiny it was!

Overall the week was a great experiment in using the Amazon top selling version of Wen By Chaz. I was happy with the look, the style and the shine of my hair. Thanks to Bustle for the article ( and thanks to Wen By Chaz for the opportunity to try the product and my hair thanks you for the results! Visit the Wen YouTube channel to learn more.