George Soros Contribution to American Politics

13 year ago, George Soros spent some of his fortune to try to defeat President George Bush. He contributed $27 million to the Democratic candidate back them. Soros has always funded those people he shares opinions with. George Soros stands for religious tolerance, immigration reforms and criminal justice reforms. These are some of the issues that Hillary Clinton stood for in her bid to become the president of the United States. For this reason, it is estimated that Soros spent approximately $25 million to fund her campaign on Investopedia. This was a figure released to the Politico by the federal election commission and sources close to the two parties. Soros has had a good relationship with Clinton. George Soros has an estimated wealth of over $30 billion that he has acquired through risky currency trades on

Soros lives in New York and moved to the United States from Hungary. He has known Clinton for two and a half decades and was planning to attend the democratic convention mid last year to hear her friend accept the nomination. However, business duty called in Europe and Soros had to attend it personally. The contribution by Soros to Clinton’s campaign may have been driven by his fear for Donald Trump and his faith in Hillary Clinton. Soros disagrees with Trump, now the president of the US on various issues. Earlier on last year, Soros referred trump to as an agent of ISIS because of his intimidation and antics. Michael Vachon, who is the political advisor of George Soros said that stakes were high this time and this made Soros contribute more. There is a trend that has been observed from Soros contribution on It’s usually followed by other contributions from other billionaires and well-wishers such as Tom Steyer who donated $31 million, Don Sussman who made a contribution of $13.2 million as well as Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban. These two gentlemen contributed $11.1 million each.

Soros was born 85 years ago in Budapest. This was a time when Europe was occupied by Nazi and constantly persecuted Jews. Soros had a clever dad who gave them survival tactics such as fake identifications. When he had enough, Soros moved to the UK and attended London School of Economics specializing in economics and financé. This was back in 1947. Eight years later, Soros moved to the US and took a job at Wall Street. He was later joined by his parents when they were escaping Jew persecution.

Following the defeat of Clinton by Trump, Soros and other rich liberals who usually fund the Democratic Party met for a three-day closed-door meeting in Washington. The aim of this meeting was to strategize on the way forward and figure out how they would oppose the Trump administration. This was a meeting that was organized by the Democratic Alliance Donor Club. Some of the people who attended the meeting were Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader as well as Elizabeth Warren the Senator. Also in attendance was Keith Ellison. Among the issues that were discussed in these meeting is the role of money in politics.

Mike Baur And His Contribution To The World Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a broad field and many people have unique ideas that point to the problems the world has been facing for decades. To succeed in business, you have to offer solutions to the problems people are facing. It is a process that requires one to come up with ideas that are able to alleviate the issues the broader market faces. The biggest challenge is in formulating this problem and looking for the right answers to the issue.


Successful entrepreneurs like Mike Baur are simplifying the process through which young entrepreneurs go through to have their businesses featured among the most successful. Mike Baur has been working with entrepreneurs from across the world to help those with ideas to design their products better. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014 and has been offering support to professionals whose input to the process has helped to build businesses. The Swiss Startup Factory offers an incubation program that is managed through a three months session, where the entrepreneurs are allowed to understand about running a new business in the highly competitive and complex market.



Before getting into the market to experience the challenges present, entrepreneurs need coaching that exposes them to unique ways of dealing with challenges. Through this coaching, they are taught about running the business despite challenges. They are also exposed to ideas that help them while reading the progress of the industry and in the process they can come up with more plans for expansion. This coaching is handed to professionals who are highly experienced and skilled on matters startups and business. To enhance quality through the coaching process, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with several leading universities in the country.


Marketing/IT support

Marketing is a vital process that exposes the business to the world. On the other hand, IT ensures the business is modern and conforms with modern trends in development that allow it to proceed seamlessly. All these support services are handled by experienced professionals at the Swiss Startup Factory.


More about Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an acclaimed entrepreneur and a professional whose support and ideas have led to the development of intelligent businesses. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which is founded in 2014 after exiting banking. His educational profile highlights an MBA that he acquired from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Cotemar Mexico Offers the Best Offshore Services

Hailing from Mexico, Cotemar Mexico Company commits to serving various oil industries across the world. The company has more than 36 years experience and offers its services to PEMEX, a company that is linked to the growth of offshore oil harbors, via specialized vessels. Among their strategic trading units are Marine Operation, Construction, Engineering, Food, Lodging, and Air Transportation. Cotemar services offshore oil sectors by contributing to the output of hydrocarbons, through proficient processes initiated by a committed and technology.






Cotemar Mexico was formed in 1979. It was established to offer services to the energy sector. Cotemar has since developed into the leading offshore service giver in the entire oil and gas industry. Cotemar offers services to all oil as well as gas operations. Cotemar’s reputation is based on the quality services it offers in accommodation and catering. It also specializes in servicing vessels found in Campeche Bay, by providing acquisition in dive, personnel transportation, and continuation. The company maintains its position as the top service provider in the industry by adding a fleet of specialized vessels to offer transport services of material. In 1998, the firm expanded its market existence through strengthening and offering transportation services to people and materials including accommodation, maintenance, restructuring, and support.



Working for Cotemar Mexico



Cotemar has had several employees over the years. The company offers a friendly working environment to ensure the prevention of accidents in the field. Through the experts in the enterprise, employees acquire safety knowledge including skills on responsibility at the workplace. The workers appreciate the company’s dedication on quality food provision and safe, comfortable lodging for rest. According to most reviews from the employees, the firm is responsible for the well-being of the workers. It also provides rest days including leave to its employees.



Services Offered



Cotemar offers its offshore services in three strategic units. The first unit is construction, followed by modernization and lastly engineering. The company capitalizes on the innovation and upgrading of clients platforms. This focus is usually in offshore installations and prefabrication. The next unit focuses on marine and support boats. The firm provides transportation of materials and personnel including food. The transport system has towing ships and firefighting vessels as well as barges for the movement of large structures.

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Investment Help From Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar can be defined as wealthy man, that is, in terms of experience in the capital markets and in the legal industry. Many New Yorkers know him as one of the best capital strategist cum attorney, based in this area. He took his Juris Doctor from the Columbia University. This was after he had graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Oxford University.

When Tabar completed his law degree, he first worked as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom LLP which based in New York. That was 16 years ago. Three years later, he joined SPARX Group Investment Advisors and was promoted to managing director of the company before the end of his tenure at the company. A few years later he left the company to work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as their director. He was also among the heads of business development. In the year 2013, he decided to go back to his roots. He worked for the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as their senior associate.

In Jan 2015, he made a press release revealing the success tips that every new entrepreneur. Below as some tips that can help you achieve your new year’s resolution of being a successful investor.

Tip #1 Consider Investments Out of the Commodity Market

Sam Tabar advise any entrepreneur seeking to retire soon, to avoid investing in the commodity market. There are so many investment forums. You can choose the stock market or the hedge fund market. Tabar doesn’t advocate for the commodity market due to its volatility. Things could go sour so fast and you could end up losing lots of your hardened money.

Tip #2 Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Sure there will be pyramid schemes that promise to make you rich really fast. But be wary of these. Do not invest all your money here. When these schemes come to an end, you will lose all your money but if you can invest in various markets then you will be strong even when one venture fails.

Equities First Holdings Earns Reputation Due to Its Alternative Financial Solutions

As a leader in stock-based lending services, Equities First Holdings boasts a large client base due to its fast lending process. The company targets wealthy individuals and business owners who require immediate funding solutions. EFH has been in operation for the last 14 years and has successfully issued more than 600 loans. The company has nine global offices that foster its lending services.


EFH’s lending services are provided on a deal-by-deal policy. The company focuses on offering funds to its clients during their time of need. EFH also adopts a five-step lending process that is secure and efficient.

The Lending Process of EFH

If you are in need of a stock-based loan, you should contact the company’s customer care team. When contacting them, you should provide details regarding your loan collateral and amount. Once EFH’s lending team reviews whether you qualify for a loan, they will calculate the interest rates and draft the terms of the lending agreement. If you agree to the terms provided, you should sign the agreement and transfer document, and then hand over your collateral. EFH will immediately transfer the funds to your account. The agreed interest rates only apply during the lending period. If this period is exceeded, you will be charged extra cash depending on the period you take to repay the loan. EFH only returns collateral to clients who have completed paying their loans.

Why EFH outperforms other lenders

Equities First Holdings guarantees the security of the loans it provides. The company also adheres to industry standards during the lending process. EFH offers interest rates as low as three percent on loans. The company can only retrieve the money a client has borrowed based on the collateral pledge. This pledge also allows customers to use stock market shares as collateral when seeking funds for their personal and professional projects. As a consumer, you are entitled to retaining all dividends. This means that once you pay the loan fully, you receive the pledged collateral. Equities First Holdings has earned a reputation for its high loan-to-value ratios. Once you seek funds from EFH, you are entitled to a 75 percent loan-to-value ratio.

Why You Need An Agent Like Tammy Mazzocco

2016 was an explosive year for home sales in Ohio. It had the highest number of sales since 2005; approximately 151,600 were sold which was a 7.5 percent increase from 2015. There was a low supply of homes for sale, however that did not stand in the way of record sales. While sales rose, so did prices, making the amount of sales that much more impressive. The average sale cost was $159,531, which was 4.8 percent higher than at the end of 2015.

The National Association of Realtors said that the high sales were’t exclusive to Ohio. Sales nationwide were there strongest they had been in a decade, however a slump in December put national numbers at only 0.7% higher than the year before. The median cost of existing homes in the U.S was $242,200 in December. This was 4 percent higher than the previous year. Cheif economist at Zillow, Svenja Gudell said that the “lackluster inventory remains the number one driver of sales and prices“.

According to housing analysts, a balanced market means a 6-month supply of houses is available; neither the buyer nor seller is in a superior position. As of December, there was only a 3.6 month supply of houses available nationwide.

Tammy Mazzocco, a RE/MAX agent in Pickerington, Ohio, has been working hard in the real estate world since 1995. With a 5-star rating on Trulia, Tammy Mazzocco’s reviews boast a high level of expertise and negotiating skills. This is what’s truly important in today’s market.

Tammy Mazzocco began working as a secretary at a commercial real estate firm before moving into a position managing condominiums at Scotland Yard Condominiums. It was at this time she became a licensed real estate agent. In 2000 Tammy Mazzocco joined Judy Gang & Associates and currently sells real estate in Central Ohio in Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Fairfield counties. Experience like hers is so crucial when looking to buy or sell a home.

Check out Tammy’s and agent profile for more info.


College Football Betting Odds For Every Game has every college football game of the season listed on their site, and they allow betting on college football odds all season. They have built a small empire helping gamblers place their bets, and this article explains how the site allows for the finest betting on odds that are made for making money. Someone who has spent the proper amount of time learning how to place bets will note how simple it is to keep money in their pocket.


#1: What Does Do? lists all the college football odds for the season, and they add more odds as the bowl season and playoff progress. Teams that are listed on the site have odds released early by the Vegas casinos, and the staff at will set their lines based on the prevailing winds of the industry. Someone who is prepared to spend their money on the site will find a number of games they may bet on. They will see their bets on their account dashboard, and they will watch their odds change as they work.


#2: How Are Bets Placed?


Gamblers must place their bets on the site for any number of lines that were set for each game. They may choose to bet the spread or anything up to a parlay. The gambler who is searching for the simplest way to make money will do so when they have placed their bets wisely using information on the site. They do not know if the bets will pan out or not, but they may watch their favorite games while tracking their bets.


#3: How Do Customers Withdraw Money?


Every customer must have an account associated with the casino that they will use to add o subtract funds from their account. The customers who are watching over their accounts carefully may track how much they are earning, and they will learn how to add money to their accounts when needed. The withdrawals are free, and the customer may continue to add money as much as they like.


Everyone who gambles on may earn quite a lot of money while betting on their favorite sport. The football odds are quire expansive, and there is a game that everyone will be comfortable betting on during the season. A bit of cash may be earned, and customers will see their earnings grow after each successful bet on the site.


A Look at Growth in Technology and Fashion Industries in the Past and Today

Technology and fashion industries have both shown tremendous transformations since time immemorial. Fashion is becoming more technologically advanced as well as the technology becoming more fashionable than in the past.


Notably, the technology used in the seventies has massively grown due to changes in taste and preference of the individuals. Latest forms of such technologies have replaced the technology considered fashionable in the past. This shows that a change in the people’s sense of fashion has led to the development of new technologies to match these changes. For instance, people in the modern world need storage devices that are portable and can store large data as compared to past technology where the devices were large and stored fewer data.


In the modern world, fashion designers apply the latest technology to produce products that are in line with market preference and demand. This correlation between technology and fashion continues to inspire higher innovations in the technological industry.


The future of the fashion and technology industry is very bright. Several designers will be incorporating technology while manufacturing their products. For instance, shoe designers are considering tapping the energy formed when one is walking or running to see whether it can be used to charge their mobile phones. Besides, instead of wearing a helmet while riding a bike, the bike manufacturers are considering developing an airbag for the bike users. This will increase the safety of riding a bike and is fashionable and comfortable than a helmet.


Additionally, technology and fashion may be used to popularize and help each other. The emergence of a new technology can help bring out the value and importance of a product. This will boost the popularity and uptake of the product that was considered unfashionable before. On the other side, when fashion designers and models use a particular technology, the people find it trendy and can embrace the innovation after the show. Therefore, it is evident that fashion and technology will continue to bring out the best of each other.


Christopher Burch is a household name in Miami in the state of Florida. He founded Burch Creative Capital and is currently the company chief executive officer. He is very visionary, creative, supportive and aggressive in business. He applies these skills to impact the consumers positively.


With an over forty years of experience in investment and entrepreneurship, Chris has greatly contributed his ideas, finances in the formulation of over fifty firms. He perfectly understands the market behavior and applies these skills to anticipate new markets.

EOS Lip Balm, a $250 Million Cosmetics Giant

While Chapstick has been reigning ruler of the lip balm industry, that dominance suffered a great upheaval in 2009; the year that EOS’ assortment of pastel spheres hit the market. EOS, an acronym that is short for “Evolution Of Smooth,” is a startup company that has exceeded $250 million dollars in worth; positioning it directly behind Burt’s Bees as the leading American source for lip balm.

Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder and manager of EOS, told Fast Company that he transitioned into the lip balm market after realizing how greatly innovation could pay off. After market research indicated a strong female user base despite the non-gendered approach to the product’s sale, EOS seized the opportunity and directly marketed its products to female consumers. After hitting a few snags with several vendors whose customers tended to stick to “their” brands, EOS managed to find some success with Walgreens. That success got the company enough visibility to draw in massive department stores like Walgreens and Target.

With the understanding that its products could sell and with the insurance that comes from owning its own equipment instead of hiring the work out to a third party, EOS lip balm shifted its efforts toward innovation. After assessing the various markets for its line of products, EOS focused its marketing on the demographic of style-conscious 25-35 year old women; beyond playing at the same approaches to advertisement as its stale competitors, EOS made sure to utilize influencer marketing by reaching out to beauty bloggers on social media outlets and starlets like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Today, EOS’s Instagram account has nearly two million followers and more than three times that amount of on its official Facebook page. Lastly, EOS has engaged in synergistic salesmanship like a co-production with Keds shoes, a holiday collection featuring Rachael Roy and an Alice in Wonderland-themed venture with Disney. Visit for more information.

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Bernardo Chua: A Man With A Vision To Improve The World

Ganoderma, a highly regarded mushroom in China and other Asian countries, can be used as an herbal remedy with beneficial effects on the immune system, the cardiovascular system and even the prostate gland. Without the mind of Chua though, ganoderma would still be a mystery to North America and the rest of the globe.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua grew up in the Philippines but due to his Chinese heritage, ganoderma was a familiar remedy to him of which he decided to successfully develop into coffees and teas. He was a previous employee of Gano Excel located in the Phillippines and soon moved to California to manage the USA branch.

After realizing that the rest of the world was missing out on the beneficial effects of ganoderma, Bernardo Chua created his own company called Organo Gold with only three employees but soon found himself rising to the top, growing into a multi-million dollar company and is the current chief executive officer. Organo Gold is now the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. He is the most successful businessman in the Pacific Rim.

Bernardo Chua has created a healthier alternative for coffee and tea drinkers while simultaneously improving their lives all over the globe. He educates people around the world about the benefits of ganoderma. Chua has rightfully received multiple awards to celebrate his hard work and determination.

The company itself was recognized by the National Shoppers Choice as the top direct selling company in the food supplements section and has since been honored five different times with the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award.

His most notable award though came from the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry from the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards in 2014.

Bernie’s- as he likes to be called– most appealing and biggest accomplishment though is his sponsorship for OG Care Foundations which strives to enrich the lives of the youth and “create positive change in their lives.”