Switch To FreedomPop For Lower Prices And Great Call Quality

Why do some people feel the need to pay such high prices for cell phone service, even though other comparable cell phone companies have the same services for lower prices? Many feel the need to go with a name brand when they want to purchase products or services, so some don’t mind paying the extra money because they feel they are with a better company. Even though FreedomPop is becoming a brand name company, many still don’t know how great their services are or how low their prices are. Those who are strong-willed and want to stay with their current service provider should give FreedomPop a chance.

Sprint is the carrier that FreedomPop is under, so anyone who wishes to pay a lower rate for unlimited services can still enjoy the reliability of Sprint underneath the FreedomPop name. FreedomPop will also offer those who want to join them a free phone service if they don’t want to pay for the unlimited service. The free phone service will include talk time, text messages, and data usage as well. The same services can be obtained by purchasing the $20 unlimited plan, but those on the $20 plan won’t have to worry about limited usage as with the free plan.

FreedomPop’s call coverage is over a wide area across the USA, and text messages can be used abundantly. Many worry about their data usage if they make the switch, but know that FreedomPop has 4G LTE speeds that can’t be beaten and can be used for any data that is needed on a cell phone. FreedomPop also allows very popular phones to be used on their network, whereas some networks only allow older phones that don’t even use apps. Since many have switched to smartphones, they’ll be happy to know that smartphones are welcome on the FreedomPop network.

Signing up for FreedomPop can be done by going to their website or by going to one of the many retailers that sell FreedomPop products and services. Those who want cell phones can purchase it directly from FreedomPop if they don’t already have a phone to transfer over to the service. Anyone who has a phone that is open for the FreedomPop services can simply switch carriers and still use the same phone. Now that all the information has been given about FreedomPop, maybe those who were previously uninformed about the company should consider switching cell phone service providers.

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Reference Link: http://www.cnet.com/news/free-phone-service-freedompop-unveils-20-dollar-unlimited-plan/

Bernardo Chua Creates Healthy Alternatives for Everyone

OrganoGold is a growing retailer of elegant coffees and teas made with the Ganoderma Lucidium herb. Bernardo Chua, founder and CEO of OrganoGold, is credited with much of the growth and development the company has seen.

OrganoGold creates beverages, soaps, toothpaste and vitamins scientifically combined with Ganoderma so they improve mood. Their beverages are a healthy coffee alternative with few of the drawbacks of caffeinated drinks. The company is open in 13 different companies and over 100,000 distributors worldwide.

The large distribution network is part of what makes OrganoGold so accessible and affordable to its many fans. Those who love the products can actually get support to begin direct-selling them as well on a commission basis. The company offers three starter kits for entrepreneurs to ensure they have everything needed for success and a variety of ways to earn daily, weekly or monthly bonuses.

The company is overseen by a scientific advisory board, comprised of subject matter experts, to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and effectiveness are adhered to.

Bernardo Chua founded OrganoGold in 2008, according to LinkedIn, and by 2010 it had already earned a revenue of over $30 million. Initial projections anticipated distribution members and revenues in the millions as early as 2015. Indeed, in the years since its founding, the company has seen exponential growth in network and revenue.  That also saw Bernardo winning several awards.

With OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua has sought to bring the amazing power of Ganoderma to a widespread audience. With a compensation plan that turns customers into entrepreneurs, Chua is well on his way to achieving his goals.

Your hair will thank you for Wen By Chaz

Your hair will thank you—like mine did!! Wen Cleansing Conditioner is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. There are many choices by Wen for hair of all types depending on which one you use. There are very specific directions for usage and for the amount of product dispensed for different hair types. As noted in Bustle, after an experiment in usage for seven days, fine hair was smoother, shinier and easier to style!!

On the first day,after dispensing the correct amount of Wen By Chaz [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] for my fine and medium length hair, I found that it lathered up and really felt like it was cleansing my hair. When I rinsed it out my hair felt clean and full and after drying it and styling it my hair was so bouncy and shiny and no hair fell out in the shower or in my brush. On day two and day three my hair was getting used to the product but I was really liked how my hair looked and was anxious to see how the product would hold up the rest of the week. On day four my hair was a bit flat but by day five I was figuring out that a morning routine of showering and styling was much more effective than showering and using the product in an evening shower. Though I preferred showering at night my hair looked best when showering in the morning. My hair looked so good with Wen By Chaz that my friends noticed and complimented me on how shiny it was!

Overall the week was a great experiment in using the Amazon top selling version of Wen By Chaz. I was happy with the look, the style and the shine of my hair. Thanks to Bustle for the article (http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened) and thanks to Wen By Chaz for the opportunity to try the product and my hair thanks you for the results! Visit the Wen YouTube channel to learn more.


Norka’s Tomorrowland Climbing the Billboard Charts to #1

Norka Lauque, was born on February 7th in Caracas, Venezuela. Norka is guided in her career by renowned Latino producer Emilio Estefan. This team duo could not get any better!

In 2011 she premiered her first single As You Do which was composed by the Venezuelan Archie Peña, and with this, Norka get a nomination for “Female Pop Artist of the Year” in the “Premios Lo Nuestro”.

At the beginning of 2012 unveils its second single called miracle that honors the name of the album, this song written by composer Archie Pena was produced in several versions with arrangers renowned as the master Cucco Pena, who makes the salsa version, located at # 1 Record Report in Venezuela for 14 weeks. It also performs a dance version in English, “Miracle” remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario, this comes to be located at # 11 on the Billboard Dance Club. Later an urban remixed version where the popular urban artist collaborates Dominican El Cata is performed.

She comes from a blessed family, with lots of experiences, life lessons, other languages ​​and other cultures, which led her to understand that her destiny is music, said the Norka singer, who was in the country to present their showcase.
This US-based Venezuelan, bursted onto the music scene supported by producer Emilio Estefan. He presented her album Miracle, which already plays on all Latino radio stations.

For this album, Estefan brought together a team of major producers such as Archie Peña, Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan the brothers, along with Luis Giraldo and Puerto Rican Cuco Peña, who was in charge of the arrangements.”What took longer was us define the genre. It is a fusion of rhythms, with some Rhythm & Blues, ballads, tropical, rock and pop, “said Norka Dubrazka Caracas Soraya Martinez Luque.

Norka’s latest hot new single is called “Tomorrowland” and it is climbing the Billboard Charts. A crossover hit in the dance and latino fusion. Her unique singing style has everyone wanting more. She is a compassionate and wonderful person who has earned her way to success.

Kate Hudson And Her Exercise Clothing Line-Fabletics

Who would know more about working out, the best clothes to wear and still looks great better than Kate Hudson? She is just the cutest, most beautiful and in shape actress in Hollywood and in a recent interview with Elle Magazine, she talked about her new line of exercise clothing. In this interview at Marie Claire, Hudson says the clothing line has now expanded to swim suits, fun summer clothes, and cute, comfortable exercise clothes and hoodies. You would have to live in Antarctica to have not seen all the commercials for her line of exercise clothes-Fabletics. They are the most colorful, bright, and beautiful sports bras, shorts, and bottom-lifting leggings you’ve ever seen and they all sell for less than $100.00. What is even better is she says they are not meant for just working out, they are good, quality clothes that can also be worn out anywhere you want to go. She also has a website of Fabletics that offers her customers all kinds of ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle, great recipes for great, healthy food, and all kinds of fitness information. Her hope is to encourage people to live healthier and be more fit.

The way her Fabletics website works: first you register on the website, then you take a style test so they can recommend which pieces would work best just for you and your way of life. Then you go shopping and pick out what you want. Right now Fabletics is running a special that gives you your first outfit for only $25 and free shipping! They offer clothes for men as well as women, and their sizes run from XXS up to XXL, with solid colors, prints, dark colors and light colors. Fabletics have capris, shirts with hoods, open backs to see the colorful sports bras, athletic shorts, they have so many different prints, tank tops including tanks that are gathered in the back at the top of the shirt. There are just so many different things to choose from and if you can’t find outfits you like then you just aren’t trying. There are great looking shirts for men that are long or short sleeved, collars or no collars, shorts, short sets in solid colors and prints, long sweats in solid colors or prints. Some of their tees are made with mesh and made to control heat and even sunscreen in the shorts to protect their legs from getting sunburned. They also ship to lots of other countries other than the U.S.

Reference: http://www.elle.com/culture/a35253/getting-lost-and-found-with-kate-hudson/

VTA Publications Talisman Jim Hunt Has a New Idea

VTA Publications and its president Jim Hunt want to make you rich. Nonsense, you say, but knowledge is power. He has a system that can turn you into a business owner where you make the rules and the money. Fat chance, I heard you. You can drive the car of your dreams and live in an estate with horses or pigs. Pigs! You can make money from almost everything, pigs included, but first check on your zoning regulations. The key to all your dreams realized can be yours if you follow the wisdom of Jim Hunt. Why not? Now you’re getting the picture.

Most people when they reach financial success work on keeping it and not sharing their secrets for success. There are many ways to achieve success and the methods employed by VTA Publications, and Jim Hunt will help you on your way. Look at any successful person or family in your community; did they achieve success and great wealth on their own or did they have help? A family business is a great way to become rich, but most people don’t have such an easy way to become successful. Some children of the wealthy are given millions to try and climb the ladder to success, and most succeed. Donald Trump received huge financial support from his wealthy father.

There are numerous keys that all these successful people know that most people don’t, and there is only one way to achieve, and that way, which is open to everyone is to learn.  Check out more on StreetWiseNews, and keep up to date with the latest articles that Jim Hunt writes for VTA Publications.

Understand Your AdWords Campaign with White Shark Media’s Free Evaluation

Looking to get the most out of your new campaign through AdWords? Do you already have a campaign running but it isn’t going the way you planned? If you operate an online company and you feel like you’re missing important traffic within your targeted niche, then you may need some help.

White Shark Media Review team has all the answer you’re looking for and more. They have expert SEM and SEO strategist that know how to get results. There is no need to open up your AdWords page, just to look confused and overwhelmed by all the data and analytics going on. The experienced crew at White Shark Media can help you to understand all that jargon and foreign hieroglyphics.

The best part about White Shark Media is their free Google AdWords evaluation. It’s easy, fast, and can get your campaign producing the results you’re looking for. With your analysis you can expect to walk away with confidence, knowing you understand everything about your campaign and what direction it’s headed.

White Shark Media’s full comprehensive AdWords evaluation will break down every single piece of data and explain what it all means. They won’t just handle your campaign, White Shark Media also offers search engine marketing and optimization to ensure your business gets noticed. Get your free evaluation today, just click HERE!

White Shark Media Constantly Changing For The Better

There always comes a time where a client feels that they did not receive the service they intended on receiving. Thus, when it comes to customer reviews there are great experiences mixed in with bad ones. White Shark Media does not turn a blind eye to any review.

Their team of professional media marketing strategist, take every comment to heart, which is why White Shark Media is constantly developing new ways to implement consumer concerns.

The members of White Shark Media aim to please and by listening to their customers, they have been able to deliver exceptional analytical consulting services to improve the digital present and marketing strategies of their clients.

When calling in and signing up, the person you first contact isn’t always the person who will be there when you need help. It was that connection in the first place that made you feel comfortable enough to continue with the process.

So, why after signing up do you need to be assigned a completely different contact person. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/training-accreditation-find-a-pro-directory?companyid=4313

White Shark Media understands this and makes sure that you are connected with a team member that suits all of your needs. Whatever your campaign concerns are, White Shark Media is there to help every step of the way.

Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://citrite.org/white-shark-media-review-how-to-get-a-free-adwords-evaluation/

Securus Highlights the Integrity Breaches and Wrongdoings of GTL

Securus has embarked on releasing some more reports on the acts of integrity breaches as well as wrongdoings that were committed by GTL. Their efforts which are expected to last for the next six months will be aimed at making GTL to ensure that integrity forms part of their each and every action. Securus Technologies is a top company that offers solutions in technology in the civil and also criminal justice. The technological solutions are utilized in conducting investigations, corrections, public safety and monitoring. The reports according to PR newswire that they wish to release against GTL seek to highlight the wrongs that the company did when it used to provide services in inmate communications.

The overall reason for Securus to resort to these press releases is to make sure that no other company in their industry will try to stoop lower than what is expected of their bar of integrity. The releases will shame GTL in order to ensure that in future it will not resort to what it did in the past as it provides services for its customers. The first item to be released is the Order No. U-20784-B, which is 17 pages long, and that was ordered by Louisiana Public Service Commission. It shows what actions were taken by GTL as it was contracted by the Louisiana Department of Corrections and when it provided inmate telecom services. These include adding extra seconds to clocks, charging high rates, inflating call charges artificially and billing calls a number of times. The total overcharge amount was $1,243,000.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Incorporated, falls under the providers of parolee tracking, information management solutions for the government and inmate communications. It serves almost 2,600 facilities of correction totaling to about 1,000,000 inmates. Securus is well known by BBB for its provision of solutions that are comprehensive, innovative and customer services that are highly responsive. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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Helane Morrison: The Heroine of Corporate Compliance

Few women can stand up and express their rights as well as vie for various leadership positions. Helane Morrison, however, is an exception. Being a woman of integrity and a high confidence, she has made her way to success and made a great difference all around the world. She is one of the lucky heroines that history records.

Helane, who is forty-six years old, has been a lawyer for the past three years. As a lawyer, Morrison represented customers sued by the SEC. She guarded securities clients in class activity suits and spoke to securities industry officers in SEC examinations. She likewise worked in arbitrations defending dealers and stock financier firms in lawsuits brought by clients.

Due to her intelligence and determination, Helane managed to become the first woman to serve as the district’s chief. Having worked as an office administrator in San Francisco’s District Office, Helane’s main aim is to maintain the relationship with other people and keep the office affairs on track.

Helane is also in charge of examination and enforcement programs within the San Francisco office’s authorities. Morrison joined the SEC in 1996, and she has conducted various major investigation procedures. She exposes the unethical behaviors in the finance industry. She was one of the most dedicated female administrators within the SEC.

With increasing workload for both examination and enforcement reforms, Helane says that the district office’s staff has to in case so as to meet the required duties. She says that the SEC’s aim is to increase the popularity of online brokerage services so as to be of great aid to investors. Helane also gave advice concerning fundraising and marketing.

According to her, false advertisement practices are illegal regardless of whether your firm is registered on not. She highly discourages testimonials as a mode of advertising. Helane advises that when advertising, firms should clearly state that their past performance does not indicate the future performance; that is in case the firm have not been doing succeeding.

Helane urges investors to take great caution during fundraising periods. She advises that in case one needs local funds, them one should limit political contribution from the authorities involved, to avoid chaos.

Helane Morrison, as a chief compliance officer was able to expose high profile cases such as fraud cases, cheating of the senior citizens, and violations by brokers and investment advisers. Morrison serves as a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and is an active participant of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association.

SEC Whistleblower Attorney: Labaton Sucharow

More whistleblowers all over are speaking up to report a wide range of important securities’ violations to the SEC. Congress proudly approved the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer protection in 2010. The Dodd-Frank Act allowed the whistleblower program that provides significant protection for employment and financial incentives for people to report federal securities violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Due to this legislation, the first law firm in the US to establish a practice for whistleblowers is Labaton Sucharow. This firm exclusively focused on advocating and protecting SEC whistleblowers. They build on their firm’s leading securities litigation platform by their whistleblower representation practice leveraging a team of investigators, forensic accountants, and financial analysts who are working within this firm. These professionals have expertise with state and federal law enforcement, and with that experience, they are providing unparalleled representation for the whistleblowers. The former assistant chief litigation counsel and assistant director of the enforcement division at the SEC, Jordan A. Thomas lead this practice. During his service at the SEC, his leadership role for the development of the whistleblower program included drafting the proposed legislation and finalizing the implementing rules.

According to the Dodd-Frank guidelines, the SEC is mandated to pay 10 to 30% of the financial sanctions to eligible whistleblowers. These financial sanctions resulted from SEC enforcement actions where the sanctions exceeded $1 million. Also, if these conditions are met, whistleblowers may be eligible for more awards based on the financial sanctions collected from relatable actions as a result of other law enforcement and regulatory organizations.

In addition to these new regulations, the Dodd-Frank act prohibits employers from retaliating against whistleblowers who report to the SEC in accordance to the program regulations. And furthermore, whistleblowers may anonymously report securities’ violations upon legal representation.

For more information concerning the SEC Whistleblower program, or for requesting a case evaluation, whistleblowers can contact the SEC Whistleblower attorneys by phone, their online submit form, or email. There is no costs associated with initial evaluations and consultations. Additionally, they stand by the attorney-client privilege of protection and confidentiality. During each initial consultation, it isn’t necessary for individuals to provide the names of securities’ violators, or personal, identifying information. Even though it is strongly encouraged to provide such information, they are understanding about the whistleblowers’ insecurity in offering this information. And lastly, translation services are available upon request for international whistleblowers.