Securus Technologies on the Hunt for a Dangerous Fugitive

We were notified that a very dangerous fugitive had escaped the local prison only an hour ago, and the local law enforcement had already set up a perimeter to catch him. My team of fugitive hunters know that these perimeters only work if the suspect hasn’t gotten a ride out of the area. My team believed he was met at the jail and driven to a safe house within that hour.


Since we knew the suspect was most likely going to be deep in hiding for the next few days, we had to find someone who would talk. When dealing with these type cases, it is usually the case that the suspect keeps everything quiet except for a few individuals who helped with the escape to eliminate any information getting to police.


There was zero chance of family or friends helping us find this suspect, so we did the next best thing, we returned back to the prison he just escaped from. The inmates would not tell us anything, even if they knew for fear of being labeled a snitch. That was not why I was in the jail, it was because I knew Securus Technologies had their inmate monitoring system in place, and it was going to do all the heave lifting in this case for me.


Securus Technologies is in over two thousand jails, and all 1,000 employees are dedicating their time to making the world safer for us all to live. The LBS software can pick up on chatter from inmates about any subject, so we were hoping someone would say anything about the fugitive. Minutes after we arrived, one inmate did pick up the phone to see if the package had safely arrived. We knew what this meant, and had officers at that location in minutes to take that fugitive back to jail.