Some Things Apia Tourists Can Do In Samoa

     Apia is the capital of Samoa. It lies on Upolu Island and is home to around 40,000 people. Flights from nearby American Samoa land right next to this city at Fagali Airport. Travelers can also arrive at Faleolo Airport but that is around 20 miles away so Fagali Airport is chosen by quite a number of people.

Regardless of how you get there Apia and the surrounding area offer a lot of fun to tourists whether they want to sightsee, shop, eat, or enjoy the nightlife. If visitors are staying in Apia, which most people do, they can pretty much walk wherever they want to go. This can be pretty hot, though, during the Samoan summer which is why there are air-conditioned taxis around. One caution, though, is that women traveling by themselves should sit in the back seat which especially holds true if they have a short skirt on.

Fishing is a popular activity in Apia. There are charter companies that will take tourists out on the ocean and once a year there is an international fishing tournament. The types of fish one ca catch here includes sailfish, marlin, giant trevally, and yellowfin.

For those who want to pick up souvenirs of their trip to Apia they can stop at Janet’s which is within a few blocks of Fagali Airport. This shop has been around for many years and it offers authentic Samoan goods such as jewelry, clothing, carvings, art, and more.

Another thing for visitors to Apia to do is go golfing, such as at the Royal Samoan Country Club which abuts Fagali Airport on its western side. It has 18 holes to play on and was used during the South Pacific Games. There is also another golf course called Faleata Country Club which lies further out from Apia but is worth the travel.