Stephen Murray Made Wishes Come True

Stephen Murray made wishes of thousands come true thanks to his unwavering support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the Boston College and Metro New York. Mr. Murray used his experience and life story to motivate young students, and his generous nature endeared him to the masses.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation also benefited from Murray’s oversight as a mover of the governing council. This was a great honor for Stephen Murray as he loved charity and was also good in administration.

Other responsibilities he took charge include that of the vice chairperson of the trustees’ board at the Columbia Business School. These positions allowed him to exercise his duty to society and offered Stephen lots of satisfaction.

On the corporate level, Stephen Murray was a high achiever. A man capable of building big business enterprises and he made many investors’ dreams into realities.

His budding star meant he received, even more, responsibility in the management of other companies such as Legacy Hospital, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, Pinnacle Foods and Cabela’s. Steve’s untimely demise leaves a gaping hole in the management of these institutions and no doubt he will be missed.

However, Stephen Murray’s presence will be missed most at CCMP Capital Partners. A firm whose destiny he engineered and also dedicated a lot of his time as the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

These remarks are echoed by his successor Greg Brenneman, who expressed his devastation at the death of his mentor and friend. Greg further eulogized the late Stephen Murray as a deal maker, closer and shrewd investor.

Stephen Murray was born in 1962 in Boston. He attended local schools earlier in his life before enrolling at the Boston College for his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Murray graduated in 1984 and his desire for further education led him to the Columbia Business School for a master’s in business administration. These tools equipped Mr. Murray with the knowledge to run businesses as well as he eventually did. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Murray’s path to CCMP Capital can be first traced when he joined the Manufacturers Hannover Trust Company in New York the year 1984. Fresh from college, Stephen Murray came in as a trainee to develop his skills. Read more: Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital

The firm underwent three mergers in the next two decades, but Stephen kept rising the ladder due to his unique abilities. Murray also specialized in leveraged buyouts and private equity.