Stream Energy Establishes a Philanthropic Organization to Support Charity

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on August 2017 causing $125 billion asset damage according to the Hurricane Centers’ National Disaster. Hurricane Harvey damaged more than 200,000 homes some of which were destroyed by floodplain. Homeowners didn’t have flood insurance — about 738, 000 registered at the Federal Emergency Management Agency for assistance. The agency channeled $378 million toward their support. Soon after, a trail of emergency help rooted from various organizations including Stream Energy, a Dallas based energy leveraging company.

Stream was established in 2005. The company is a provider of wireless protective and energy services. It uses multi-level marketing as the primary sales channel. It also sells electric services in about seven states with Washington, D.C. included. Other services the organization provides are nationwide. Stream Energy is centrally situated in Tollway Center, on Dallas Parkway. Regardless of the influx of various independent distributors in the market, Stream Energy upholds its mission of supplying energy and supporting environmental ethics to maintain a significant service delivery portfolio.

For Stream, delving into corporate philanthropy has been a great move towards making the society a better place. The company recently launched Stream Cares, a charity foundation that formalizes philanthropy throughout Dallas. The firm has also engaged more than a dozen organizations to its philanthropic projects. In the case of supporting victims of Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy was a leading example of how other companies should have helped the community in the horrendous natural disaster. Stream sees corporate philanthropy as part of the brand. It uses more than monetary resources to give back to its people.

Stream Energy launched a separate arm of philanthropy to foster dual advantages including giving back to the community and earning the loyalty of prospective clients as well as the public. Corporate philanthropy is highly publicized. It’s altruistic to other professionals, but to executives, it’s helpful particularly to corporate Americans. According to statistics, businesses annually donate about $19 billion to charitable organizations in the United States of America. Stream Energy has built strong relationships with various organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, and other corporate leadership organizations including local grassroots giving.