The US Money Reserve, Humane Act

Hurricane Harvey was a terrible hurricane that happened late August of 2017. The storm displaced thousands of people. Many people were forced to evaluate to shelters. Some people completely lost their homes, cars, and jobs. The state of Texas was left flooded with tons of water. There were terrible negative effects that the storm left on Texas citizens throughout the state. However, there were many great people who donated clothes, blankets, and money to the citizens to make their disaster relief better. One organization that donated to Hurricane Harvey’s victims is the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve teamed with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and they raised more than $200,000 worth of money which was donated directly to the victims of the storm.


If you haven’t heard of the US Money Reserve, they were founded in 2001. The US Money Reserve is a private distributor of government issued gold. They are one of the largest companies in their league. Their products consists of gold, silver, and platinum. All of their products are very well preserved and high quality. Learn more:


The company was founded by gold market veterans. They are well known for their high customer service and their great products. The veterans decided to start the company because they felt like there wasn’t enough government issued gold companies who had great quality products, with a nice quantity, and with great customer service skills as well. The US Money Reserve is a great combination of all three which is how they have been able to maintain a great reputation throughout the years.


The US Money Reserve has several different departments and specialist that helps the company flourish. Their company consists of the business support department, the customer relations department, the inventory department, the vault department, the shipping department, the compliance department, and the standards department. They also have sales verification specialist, coin research professionals, and numismatic experts on their team as well.


Their office is located in Austin, Texas and that is one of the reasons the company felt the need to donate to the relief for the Hurricane that effected Texas. Angela Koch spoke out on their act of kindness. To sum it up, she thought that it was an honor to help the people of Texas. She thought that the storm hit really close to home. In addition to giving the money to the citizens the company also gives sympathy and empathy.