When Business Magnate Meets a Revolutionizing Chef

In the world of cooking, options are limitless. People all around the world enjoy eating, and different traditions have given rise to very different foods. People who are fortunate enough to experience many cultures often see the biggest variance in foods offered. One of the very famous chefs, who built a name for himself through unique cooking styles, is Panamanian chef Andres Marataya.

Chris Burch, a successful investor and a CEO, is very familiar with the expertise of chef Marataya. Earlier this year, he hired this chef to cater for one of his large and popular summer parties, which was done in the heart of the Hamptons. The chef’s so called “beach-friendly” approach that provides grilled food is what appealed to this Burch. Known for his custom-built grills, chef Marataya was able to provide great experience to all the guests throughout the party

As far as Burch goes, his name is very well-known in the circles of business. His career has been over 40 years long, and his portfolio is almost impossible to compete with. Having started over 4-dozen companies, currently he is in charge of the Burch Creative Capital, visit their website, check on burchcreativecapital.com.  The vision statement that he goes by is focused on helping those that will impact the community. Thus, as a CEO of the Burch Creative Capital, he looks to invest and lead those companies that are an opportunity in the world of innovation.  For an overview of the diverse investment portfolio, hop over to this.

His success began back in 1976, when him and his brother turned a $2,000 investment into $165 million empire. He has had a chance to even pair up with some celebrities on their business endeavors such as Ellen DeGeneres. His expertise range anywhere from innovative clothes and appeal stores that he ran, all the way to hospitality services where he worked with different food brands. More to read on bjtonline.com.

Therefore, it comes as not surprise that this millionaire saw great potential in Malaysian chef Marataya. By offering unique and different options for a basic cooking service, the chef was guaranteed to catch attention of Burch. History of his intuition paying off helped him this time too, as he has offered Marataya a position in one of his Indonesian resorts. There, he will have a chance to share his unique craftsmanship and cooking skills with visitors to Nihi Sumba island. Thus, the businessman has found a way to implement unmatched skills of a revolutionary chef, which are granted to lead to something very successful for the both of them!  Related article on tastingtable.com.

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